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Adult Chatrooms...
A place for adults... to relax... and chat, their way...

An IRC network with free chat rooms / chatrooms for all adults.  No membership is required here. This is an "Adults Only" network, users must be of legal age in their geographical area to use our network (though difficult to prove, age is usually evident by behavior.)

We offer free web space associated with active registered chat rooms / channels on the network.  Email or see an IRCop for more information.  Webchat java interface for our chat rooms is available by clicking on the chat button next to one of the adult chat rooms listed below.  For those of you already familiar with IRC and it's clients, our network can be accessed at the following address:  ports 6661-6669

We strongly recommend downloading an irc client such as mIRC (Windows) or BitchX (Unix) instead of using the java interface for our chat rooms.  These clients are packed with features that enable you to have full use of all the benefits of our adult chat network. (See below for a small list of available clients.)

Adult Chatrooms (Chat rooms, Channels) on the IRC Chat Network
(this is a fairly new network, become part of it's foundation as it grows ~smile~)
Click on the chat button to enter the room with java webchat or use your favorite IRC chat client and join us!

Don't see a room that suits your fancy?? Come on in and open one! Room registration is free and open to the public. All we ask is that you put the genre of your room in the room topic in [] brackets as shown below. This lets all our chatters know what your room is about.

General Adult Chat#After_Hours_Lounge - [General Adult Chat Room]
A Place for Friends to RELAX and ENJOY conversation and laughs...(common sense is a requirement here.)
Dom sub Desires#D/s_Desires - [D/s Chat Room]
¨¨°º~~º°¨¨A Gathering Place¨¨°º~~º°¨¨Masters, Mistresses, submissives/slaves - Welcome¨¨°º~~º°¨¨
Gorean Chat#Gorean_Realms - [Gorean Chat Room]
Gathering and Learning Place, Tuchuk Camp for those of Gor -- Respect and honor a must ... please conduct yourselves accordingly, request FIRST for all private messages in channel, slaves need not beg entrance. This is also an entire Gorean Online Community and can be found by clicking here.
Panther Girls, Gorean#Panther's_Lair - [Gorean Chat Room]
¨¨°º"©æ}~ Panther's Lair, Sisters of the Forests, Hunters, Panther Girls of Gor ~{æ©"º°¨¨
Bondage Chat#Pillories_Yokes_&_Stocks - [Bondage Chat, D/s Chat, Roleplay Chat Room]
Welcome to the medieval dungeon where pillories, yokes and stocks abound. Come in and subject those therein to wonderful exquisite tortures.
General Adult Chat#Hottub - [General Adult Chat Room]
Hot, wet, plenty of room... Leave attire at the door. No cellphones please.
General Adult Chat#Trivia - [General Adult Chat Room]
!!!!Welcome to TRIVIA!!!! A place for competitive Trivia! Type !start in channel to start the game! Game is reset on the first day of each month, one winner per month. Have fun and good luck!
Lesbian Chat#Lesbian_Loft - [Lesbian Chat Room]
For Females who love Females, no males, please. :)
Lesbian Chat#Dommefemsub - [Lesbian Chat Room]
A Dommes realm for sensual BDSM with their femsubs. ( no males please )
Gorean Chat#Asgard - [Gorean Chat Room]
18+ JOT A Gorean Hall in Torvaldsland and home of the High Jarl. All are welcome to visit (only home slaves don't beg entrance, all slaves beg all else.)
Latex Fetish Chat#Latex_Lingerie - [Latex Fetish Chat Room]
latex lizzy has done it again, a mess in lingerie... somebody find the janitor, clean up on isle 69!
IRC help Chat#LeatherLust_Help - [Admin]
Leather Lust IRC Network Help Channel -- enter and be patient, an IRCop will enter and help you with your problem.
MP3 Chat room#MP3_Haven - [General Adult Chat Room]
MP3 Haven-- Music! Music! Music! Share, Play, Swap, discuss!
Fantasy Sex Chat#Gangbang_Hotel - [Fantasy, Cybersex Chat Room]
That sleazy hotel you always wanted to check out, but never dared... until now...
General Adult Chat#Lobby - [General Adult Chat Room]
Welcome to Leather Lust, a different type of IRC network. Adult Chat, the way it should be!
Bondage Chat, Dommes#DommesDungeon - [Bondage Chat, D/s Chat Room]
Dungeon for Doms, Dommes and all that are willing to enter and be subservient to them (scening permitted and encouraged, no private messages without permission granted in channel first.)
Gorean Chat#Gorean_Portal - [Gorean Chat Room]
Welcome to Gor. An online environment based on a series of novels by John Norman. Uphold the principles and values, and be welcomed.
Bi-sexual Female Chat#Bi-Fem-Sensuality - [Female Bisexual Chat Room]
~*~ Bisexual Females and Those who Enjoy Them ~*~ (No private messages without permission granted in channel first!)

Guidelines of Leather Lust Adult Network Chat Servers

War scripts, virus distribution, hacking attempts on the servers/network or it's users and like behavior are strictly prohibited on this network.  Persons detected violating this policy will be immediately k-lined (banned from the server.)

Harassment, as defined below, is not tolerated on this network:

Repeated unwanted communication to a user beyond that user's reasonably expected ability to deal with the situation (e.g. /ignore & /silence).

The use of network resources to publicly (viewable from outside a channel; e.g. in a /topic) antagonize, defame, or demean any person.

Transmitting, without consent, a person's private/privileged identification and/or financial information. Examples being: Real Name, Phone Number, Address, Social Security Number, Bank Accounts Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, etc ...

[Note: Channels structured to facilitate harassment as detailed above are subject to closure.]

Our adult chat network is a blend of all types of people from all lifestyles, including but not limited to D/s, BDSM, lesbian, gay, Gorean and many other alternative lifestyles as well.  We ask that our users respect the ways of others as they wish to be respected in their ways.  This is an adult community, adult chatrooms/adult chat rooms, we ask our users to behave in such a fashion.

The network is equipped with ChanServ and NickServ, which enables users to retain their chat rooms and nicknames, via secure password identification.  If you have questions on how to use these services, please see an IRCop.

MemoServ is our network mail service.  To use this, your nickname must be registered.  This is a secure form of network mail service, it is not run by an individual party, it is run by network services.  Please direct any questions about this service to an IRCOP.

IRC Chat / Chat Room Clients

There are many different client programs that can be obtained, free of charge, via the internet.  Some of the most common for each operating system are:

Palm Pilot



This is a developing network and all constructive criticism and comments are accepted and will be considered.  After all, we are here to enjoy, just as you are, and wish to make it an environment for all to appreciate.

Please email us at with your comments and suggestions.

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